Stockall Precision Sheet Metalwork Ltd are experts in the design, engineering, prototyping and fabrication of various sheet metal panels.

We have provided standard and custom sheet metal panels for a wide variety of industries including telecoms, industrial, automotive and medical. All control panels can be etched, engraved, screen printed and have the reverse printed.

Below are some examples of the metal panels that we have manufactured.

If you require custom made control panels please contact us to discuss your project specifications.  Our experienced team will ensure consistent, quality metal fabrication work.

control panel fabrication ChippenhamRear Panelling

Powder coated, engraved and in-filled black

control panel fabrication Chippenham

19″ Front Panel

Powder coated engraved and in-filled white

control panel enclosure fabrication Chippenham

Control Enclosure

Etched stainless steel front panel in-filled black

multi colour screen printed control panel fabrication Chippenham

Multi Colour Screen Printing  

joystick control enclosure fabrication ChippenhamJoystick Control Enclosure

Powder coated with reversed print labelling

powder coated control panelling fabrication ChippenhamTrain Track Control Panelling

Powder coated magnetic stainless steel with screen printing of colours and text